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The Missing Link

to Your

Financial Success


Missing Link to Your Financial Success

What do you answer to these 3 questions?

Can't seem to get to where you want?

Do you have a notion of where you’d like to be, success-wise, yet things don’t seem to be working out for you?

Have you been trying as many tools and techniques as you can afford, searching for that magic bullet that will make it all start to work and get you to your goal?




  • You've tried affirmations
  • You've tried positive thinking
  • You've tried learning new skills
  • You've attended the workshops
  • You've read the books
  • You've listened to the recordings
  • You've been doing the drills
  • You've tried Cognitive Control, Meditation, NLP, Hypnosis, and Being in the Now

If you are ready to discover what it is that has been preventing you from attaining your success, then this book is for you.

Concise, informative and easy to understand
The Missing Link to Your Financial Success will give you the secret you need to get onto your journey of SUCCESS.

With the information in this book, you'll finally be able to make proper use of all your investments in money-making courses, plans and ambitions and GO FOR YOUR SUCCESS.

It is probably the best investment in yourself that you will make this year!

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The Missing Link to Your Financial Success

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This book is an exceptional value!

Robert Vibert normally charges a minimum of $100/hour for his business mentoring advice and more than $250/hour for professional consulting services.

What he reveals in this book is worth at least 40X the modest amount you will pay for it.

In fact, if you are already signed up in any of the various programs to create millionaires, you may find that suddenly your success is sky-rocketing.



Purchasers of The Missing Link to Your Financial Success will be eligible to join a private mailing list where they can consult with Robert and fellow readers, increasing their chances of success even more.

"I can honestly say Robert's one of the distressingly few people I've met in this field who is willing to ask the really hard questions, to take methods apart, make them PROVE they work, insist on understanding HOW they work and who is willing to face all the discomfort that kind of rigorous research implies.

So when Robert's telling you something works (or not), you owe it to yourself to pay attention."

Dr. Symeon Rodger
Author of
The 5 Pillars of Life: Reclaiming Your Mind, Body and Future



About the book

The Missing Link to Your Financial Success

  • is designed to open your eyes to what has been getting in your way when you have tried to become successful
  • explains why you have not been successful, despite your best efforts
  • complements your efforts and existing tools to get ahead
  • is not a substitute for you doing the work you need to do
  • is not about some magical formula for instant effortless wealth
  • is intended for serious people who are willing to work smart and invest in themselves
  • is designed to serve as an excellent starting point for your endeavours
  • is for serious people who want to succeed financially.

Do not order this book if you prefer to stay in your comfort zone.



Financial Success WorkbookNow available

The Missing Link
to Your
Financial Success Workbook



  • Ready to put into practice the concepts you learned in
    The Missing Link to Your Financial Success
  • Ready to start removing those blocks that get in the way of your financial success?
  • Ready to make proper use of all those life enhancement tools in which you've been investing?

Now you can get the maximum benefit from affirmations, positive thinking, learning new skills, workshops, books, recordings, drills, Mind Control, Meditation, NLP, and Being in the Now.

If you are ready to make that move forward and reduce and eliminate that which has been preventing you from attaining your success, then this book is for you.

These books are invaluable guides for people who want to improve their emotional or financial success. Robert gives clear, non-judgmental explanations and instructions for genuinely healing the things that hold us back. The workbook in particular is a superb guide. As an EFT practitioner and teacher for ten years, I recommend these books to you if you want to improve your life without having to relive it.

Wes Gietz


Concise, informative and packed with more than 100 powerful yet easy to understand practical exercises, The Missing Link to Your Financial Success Workbook will guide you onto your journey towards success.

Robert Vibert has been helping others see the "big-picture" for a number of years. The creator of two million dollar companies, he has extensive experience and wisdom gleaned from more than 20 years in the business world. To this he adds more than 30 years of investigation into how things work, both inside and outside us. This workbook is what you need to get going on your journey to success.

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The Missing Link to Your Financial Success

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About the author

Robert Vibert, AuthorRobert S. Vibert is a “big-picture” applied researcher of techniques, philosophies and methods developed both in ancient and modern times to provide awareness, guidance, healing, and insight. He studies how our hearts and minds work, and how we interact with each other and internally with ourselves. He then applies this research in the real world. See below for some comments from those he has assisted.

Before Robert started this research into how we stop ourselves from succeeding, he was a bona fide successful businessman in his own right, having created several million-dollar companies from the ground up, with zero outside financing. Since retiring from the computer security industry in 1999, he founded two associations as part of his volunteer work.

Author of two books and more than 200 articles on management, computer security and operations, Robert has also worked as a senior consultant for a major international consulting firm, is regularly interviewed by the media for his expert insights on computer security, and serves as an adviser to Canadian government departments.

Currently, he acts as a mentor to several entrepreneurs and is developing the Missing Link series of books, workbooks, CDs and DVDs to provide practical information and processes to get the success you want in life in the areas of finance, relationships, emotional health, career and personal development.

Robert's insights and skills, gained from many years of systems analysis in the business world and years of dedicated research into the personal development realm have resulted in this new series of teaching tools which constitute a unique combination and perspective. His personal website is here and where he posts occasional updates on his research is here.



What Readers say

Robert S. Vibert’s book The Missing Link to Your Financial Success is undersold by its title. Far from simply being just another guide on how to make money, this short book is in reality a powerful explanation of how we can achieve success in all spheres of life. Whatever your personal ambitions or dreams of success, Vibert explains the ways we block our own desire for success, and how dealing with that issue, we can not only achieve success, but attain a fuller, freer and more complete life.

Refreshingly free of other worldly 'spiritual' jargon and with very few references to the 'self-help' phraseology which plagues so much literature in the genre, The Missing Link to Your Financial Success is a plain speaking, practical, simple, and concise guide to achieving personal success.

Vibert strips away all of the mumbo jumbo and pretentious trappings that serve only to further mystify those seeking success (and make authors rich by selling sequel books that further explain what they meant in their first five) and lays out a completely attainable way that the reader can achieve success.

Well researched, and wonderfully readable, this book should be at the top of the reading list, not only of every aspiring entrepreneur, but of anyone looking to improve their lives. Athletes, philanthropists, musicians, writers and those seeking for something 'more' from life will all benefit from the investment in this book.

Andrew Lee
Technologist, businessman, poet, writer and musician
San Diego, USA and Weymouth, UK


After 30 years in the "Getting Better" business, i.e. reading all the self-help books and doing all of the workshops, I've come to the conclusion that enlightenment is about being light and happy. Reading Robert Vibert's new book was a real eye-opener.

I have followed the practices that Robert suggested to me for the past six months and my life got a lot better. I made more money in that time than any six month period in my life, and now that I am not fighting with my wife anymore about money, my relationship is better than it has ever been. It is wonderful to see that Robert's sage advice is now available to everyone.

In the past, the quest for money was difficult for me. Now the world is full of lucrative opportunities, and I am manifesting the opportunities I choose. Most of all I laugh more and am happier for having followed Robert's advice, and for having subsequently resolved some wounds that I have been working on for so many years.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in improving their lives, and their financial life in particular.

Marvin Miller
Technical Writer
Ottawa, Canada



I have just completed reading The Missing Link To Your Financial Success by Robert Vibert. It was a quick read, well written and concise. Robert's technical background comes through clearly in his writing style, precise and to the point.

He takes an engineering approach to personal growth, exploring not only how the process works but why it works the way it does. The book contains practical advice on identifying the blocks that you have that are preventing your success. He then goes on to suggest actions that have worked for him and his clients to work through and truly heal these blocks.

My personal experience of the book was that there were a number of important elements of my blocks that I had not even considered. Robert kindly, but firmly, pointed them out to me.

If you're looking for New Age feel-good puffery this book probably isn't
for you. If you're looking for a practical approach grounded in mind, body
and Spirit then you need to read this book.

The book, in and of itself will not solve all of your problems. You need to do the work; Robert Vibert just provides the road map. It is up to you to follow it.

Michael Ploegstra
Michigan, USA



I think this concise book “The Missing Link to Your Financial Success” should be seriously studied by just about every one that is serious about their financial well being.

Robert reviews with you the many ways you become success inhibited. He explains how to overcome self defeating behaviors by feeling your way to freedom with his 3 wise steps to healing your blocks to success. He gives you the Fix and Enhance Model to wellness. First you must accept responsibly for yourself and understand the dilemma of avoiding responsibility. Guilt and shame, he says, will hold you back.

There are many ways that you get wounded in life and there are many tools to heal those wounds, but only a few are worthy of your interest. What ever modality you use, Robert says, “All healing is good healing.” He recommends a deeply focused meridian energy healing, which is one of my favorites, because it is quickly learned, widely used, and if used correctly gives consistent reliable results. His definition for a successful healing is: A complete resolution to unresourceful feelings that do not return to haunt you. He further gives you his Keys to be successful with energy healing with helpful hints to make it work even better for you.

This work is not only the Missing Link to Your Financial Success, but also that golden key you have been looking for to unlock the blocks that are holding you back from that success. If you are striving for financial freedom, buy this book now.

I give this book a five star rating. It is destined to become a classic.

Evertt Edstrom
Wisconsin, USA


A great read that really fills a vital gap in many approaches. Robert has taken a unique approach that may well surprise you. Featuring research findings that challenge popular assumptions about the human psyche, this book will supplement a technical approach to making money with a psychological approach that can make all the difference. The  skills outlined in this book will lead you towards financial success and success across all aspects of life.

The secret is well worth uncovering. Recommended!

Sean Chiddy
Sydney Australia


"I valued Robert's insights on why we need to identify and resolve the root
cause of our limiting beliefs in order to move forward effectively on our
path. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in making profound
and lasting changes through thoughtful examination and healing of areas that
keep them from achieving their highest potential."

Alison Simmons


Comments on Robert Vibert's previous books


What Robert's clients and those he has assisted say

Robert has an easy, confident, and supportive mentoring style. I feel creative and inspired when working with him on my goals. He helps me take my ideas to the next level by assisting me in operationalizing the steps and setting up a plan I can live with. What seemed impossible, suddenly is in reach! I would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to start or grow their business.

Shelly Pinnell
Columbus, Ohio


Robert, you were excellent: patient, calm and very informative. Everything went as it should go due to your handling of what came up in the sessions. You guided me every step of the way right to the end. Even when it was hard you helped make it easy focusing me back to the problem at hand. You know your subject well. I highly recommend you.

Eric Tunc
Melbourne, Australia


I deeply appreciated Robert's organizational and trainer skills during our training in Arnprior. What a devoted man! With Robert, you can be sure that everything will flow properly. If you have a question, just ask Robert, as he will carefully listen to you; he has this talent to make you feel at ease. If he doesn't know the answer, be sure he will look for it and will come back with it later!

In addition, as a processor, Robert has a perfect tone of voice and an outstanding presence that makes you feel secure. If we could have more of this kind of man, the world would be a very good place to be! If you have the chance to work with Robert, you too, I am sure, will greatly appreciate this human being.

Dr. Jocelyn Blouin



I have had the privilege of being in a peer support and healing circle alongside Robert over the past year. During that time he has consistently demonstrated his strength as a counselor, mentor, healer, speaker and writer. Robert has shown unusual clarity and patience in guiding others while supporting them in setting and moving towards their own goals and objectives. He has been perceptive, levelheaded and articulate in a simple, relaxing manner. Above all, his approach has reflected a deep commitment to honoring one's feelings in order to resolve them and heal.

Jay Kassirer
Ottawa, Canada




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